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Capacity Addition Projects

Out of the 13.68 MW total capacities from the 70 generating sets (gensets) were delivered to the SPUG and supplier’s Warehouse in Minuyan, Bulacan and Marilao, Bulacan, respectively, under the Alternative Capacity Addition Project (ACAP) consisting of the following:

a. Replacement gensets - 5 x 0.600 MW;

b. Emergency gensets - 10 x 0.300 MW;

c. Calamity gensets - 25 x 0.160 MW and 25 x 0.080 MW; and

d. Repeat Order gensets – 13 gensets with various capacities (1 x 0.600; 2 x

     0.300; 5 x 0.160 and 5 x 0.080 MW).

Only three (3) gensets of the delivered gensets with an aggregate capacity of 0.900 MW were commissioned and put to commercial operation in 2015, to wit:


While the rest of the gensets (67 gensets) were ready for delivery to the plant site.

All 70 units of gensets underwent Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) after its delivery to the country particularly in SPUG warehouse, Minuyan, San Jose del Monte City and Supplier’s warehouse in Marilao, Bulacan before transporting to the designated delivery sites.

New Area

Palumbanes DPP in Catanduanes started commercial operation on February 8, 2015. The power plant consist of 1 x 95 kW Cummins genset and operates eight (8) hours daily. There are 249 households beneficiaries for this electrification.

Increase of Operating Hours

There are 12 power plants that increased its operations from 2 to 12 hours daily operation. The increase in operation is to support the development of the economies in the areas. The beneficiaries for the increase in operation were five (5) power plants in Luzon; tw0 (2) power plants in the Visayas; and 5 power plants in Mindanao, to wit: 



Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

Fuel oil storage tanks (FOSTs) were fabricated and installed for SPUG power plants to serve as additional storage for diesel fuel for the operation of the generating sets. Except for Boac DPP, all of these plants use only drums and day tanks (1,000 liter capacity) to store fuel in their operations. It adds burden to the plant personnel in transferring diesel fuel from one place to another. These FOSTs will ensure availability or maintain the inventory of diesel fuel for the power plants’ operation especially during typhoon season.


These FOSTs serve as storage for diesel fuel wherein there are times hauling is very difficult in some islands. FOSTs were classified in three (3) sizes depending on the plant’s demand. Since 2014, fabrication of these FOSTs started wherein a contractor, Metalite Builders Co. Inc. started to fabricate 10m3, 35m3 and 60m3 FOSTs. Some plants with high demand even had to request for two (2) 60m3 FOSTs like Caluya DPP in Antique, Siasi DPP in Sulu and Pilar DPP in Cebu. Small plants such as those plants in the Masbate and Camarines Sur areas have 10m3 FOSTs. Boac DPP in Marinduque, which has 24-hour operation, had a 500m3 FOST built last year by Houston Hydrotech Systems, Inc.        

Transfer of Generating Sets from Privatized Areas or Interconnected to the Main Grid

There are six (6) power plants that were benefited from the transfer of generating sets. This is to augment the existing capacity of the power plants in order to accommodate the increase in demand and the proposed increase in operating hours in the areas. The following plants were the beneficiaries of transferred gensets:


Roxas DPP in Palawan was taken over by DMCI while Abad Santos DPP in Davao del Sur was interconnected to the main grid of Mindanao. The transfer of 1 x 544 kW Perkins genset from Jolo DPP to Sitangkay DPP is necessary due to the recurring problems of their generating units which resulted to total blackout in the area.

Also transferred was Power Barge 113 from Siquijor Island to Camotes Island on May 23, 2015. This is to augment the power supply in Camotes Island since the generation function of NPC-SPUG in Siquijor Island was taken over by Siquijor Island Power Corporation (SIPCOR) on February 2015.

Installation of Equipment and Protective Devices

a.Auto Reclosers

The installation of auto reclosers is to replace the old and worn-out reclosers. The new reclosers have advance technologies, it can monitor and log line troubles and all series of events. These reclosers consist of three (3) single-phase reclosers in a single tank. Each recloser consists of an interrupting module, with an embedded current transformer and mechanism mounted on an aluminum or stainless steel tank. The tank is suitable for pole or substation mounting and the interrupter modules utilize outdoor cycloaliphatic-epoxy-encapsulated vacuum interrupters. It is more suitable and advantageous for the distribution system protection. However, the primary reason for its installation to the power plants is to protect the generating sets in case of line trouble. The following plants have installed their auto reclosers in 2015:


b.Fuel Flow Meters

This instrument is use to measure the fuel consumption to generate power or the fuel efficiency in terms of fuel rate. Most of the power plants with 24-hour operation are the beneficiaries of this project in order to monitor their fuel efficiency, to wit:   



Construction of CMAOD Office

The new area office for Catanduanes – Masbate - Albay Operations Division (CMAOD) in Brgy. Penafrancia, Daraga, Albay was completed. After the long years of waiting, the CMAOD personnel were elated for having their own office.

Construction of Power Facility

            The construction of power facilities for Pangutaran, Sulu was completed, however, the 2 x 300 kW generating units supplied by the Thermo Power Inc. (TPI) has to be tested and commissioned.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects/Activities

  1. Palawan Operations Divison

POD participated in the following environmental programs of Puerto Princesa City and Provincial government:

-         14 February 2015 - Love Affair with Nature. Another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Puerto Princesa City is by joining this activity which features planting of mangroves in the coastal zones to restore degraded mangrove areas. The event heightens awareness on the ecological role of mangroves and other coastal ecosystems in the vital web of life. The event also features mass wedding of unwed couples.

This 2015, NPC-POD personnel joined the citizens of Puerto Princesa City in giving a little of our time to plant mangroves along the coastline of San Manuel, PPC.

-         27 June 2015 – “Pista Y ang Kagueban”. A Cuyono dialect meaning “Pista ng Kagubatan”. The celebration features tree planting activity at specified watershed areas. The celebration promotes the protection and conservation of the environment for the youth.

This year’s activity was held at Sta. Lucia, PPC with each POD personnel who joined the activity able to plant at least 3 to 5 seedlings in the area.

-         19 September 2015 - Coastal Cleanup Day . An international activity held every 3rd Sunday of September. Its objective is to preserve and safeguard the area along the shorelines.

POD personnel joined the activity and performed thorough cleaning activity to clear up the shorelines in the area of Purok Bagong Silang, Liberty, PPC.      

2.   Marinduque/Quezon/Northern Luzon Operations Division

-         On 18 October 2015, Casiguran in Aurora was hit by one of the strongest typhoons in 2015. This greatly affected almost the entire residents of Aurora Province. They almost lost their means of livelihood. The diesel power plant was not spared from the destruction of the typhoon.

Mr. Pete A. Llorente, MQNL Manager visited the area to check/monitor the extent of damage of Casiguran DPP. This also gave him the opportunity to extend help to the nearby residents, especially to the employees of the plant. But due to limited opportunity, they decided to bring their Christmas party and gift-giving to Casiguran DPP on 10 December 2015. The purpose of the gathering was to extend and give help to the residents of Casiguran, Aurora.  

-     Joined the Waste Segregation and CLEAN and Green Program of the LGU. The LGU distributed vegetable seeds for the Clean and Green Program.

Privatized SPUG Areas

  1. Oriental Mindoro: With the entry of DMCI on February 23, 2015 in Oriental MindoroProvince as New Power Provider (NPP) with 15 MW capability, the province has sufficient supply of power and the end of NPC-SPUG’s generation supply function in the area.
  2. b.Siquijor Island: Siquijor Island Power Corporation (SIPCOR) took over the generation function of NPC-SPUG in Siquijor island on February 2015.

On going Privatization of SPUG

  1. a.Tablas Island: Sun West Water and Electric Corporation (SUWECO), a NPP of Tablas Island started its interim operation last March 2015. SUWECO is supplying power only to a portion of the island.
  2. b.Catanduanes Island: SUWECO with their 5 MW Diesel Power Plant is completed in 2015.
  3. c.Balut Island in Davao Sur is under going competitive selection process (CSP) for Qualified Third Party (QTP).

Collection Efficiency

SPUG – EMOD for two (2) consecutive years (2014-2015) achieved 100% collection efficiency.