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By: Carmie Nicanor

Power generation in the mystical island of Siquijor is a challenging mission for the Visayas Operations of Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG). While striving to better serve the area, we have grown to love its beauty and serenity.

Siquijor is a province island composed of six municipalities: Siquijor, Lazi, Larena, Maria, Enrique Villanueva and San Juan. It has a coastline of 102 kilometers mostly sprawled by white sand beaches and offering fabulous dive sites both for veteran and novice divers. The refreshing Cambugahay Waterfalls is neatly seated in a valley in the interior part of the island in the Municipality of Lazi. The island’s highest peak, Mt. Bandillaan spruce up a natural park which gives a breathtaking panorama of the lush green hills and the blue sea which is bounded by the silhouettes of the islands of Negros and Bohol. Upon descending from Mt. Bandilaan, never miss exploring the unexploited Cantabon Cave. At the cave’s mouth, you will be greeted by a challenging body twist and bend. Nevertheless, a 1.6 kilometer-cave trekking (to and from) is a good workout while enjoying the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites. The cave also offers natural drinking mineral water flowing from a sparkling white rock formation on its walls. This enchanted cave continues to mystify the local folks as well as giving them a boost in their tourism livelihood.  


A popular landmark in the island is the gigantic Balete Tree in Brgy. Campalanas, Lazi. It is centuries old or should be around 400 years old.   Water flows from the foot of the tree but the locals could not trace where its source is. Various myths are associated with it and it is believed to be a dwelling place of the fairies or supernatural beings. An added attraction on the site is the local ingenuity of creating a fish foot spa pond utilizing the free-flowing water.   Aside from nature beauties, the island is also an evidence of rich history as revealed by the Spanish architecture of Lazi church and convent.

The island’s reputation of witchcraft, potion formulation and healing rituals attracts curious and adventurous tourists. Nonetheless, its tranquility makes it a perfect destination. This enchanted and charming island is a complete expression of history, culture and nature. Live more Siquijor!